Fulfillment & Distribution

Jigsaw Fulfillment's partnership with Sonntag Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of service through efficient and experienced employees who care about the service they provide to their customers. Jigsaw takes pride in being an extension of the varied departments within your company's structure. This is what makes Jigsaw second to none in the fulfillment industry. Every job is a priority to Jigsaw; from the beginning ordering stages, to putting every piece together for a complete package and then shipping your product out, Jigsaw is here for you!

Services Provided

We can provide custom reports for billing, inventory, shipping, and proof of delivery. Once you outline your specific needs, we develop and implement operational procedures allowing us to fulfill those needs on a monthly, as well as quarterly basis.

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Jigsaw has the flexibility to implement immediate procedures to provide the varied services required for each individual project.

Hands-On-Service: Collating, organization of printed matter, insertion of printed matter/brochures into folders, envelopes or polybags.
Incentive Awards/Catalog Orders: Inventory, Fulfillment, Distribution and Shipping
Coupon Redemption: Both money redemption and item/product redemption
Accumulate, Assemble, Package
Customized Computerized List

One of the main factors in the successful fulfillment of products is precise quantity count. Upon receipt of items, we verify quantities delivered to quantities per your specifications. This procedure of checking and cross checking ensures you that we are taking accountability for your project. We have warehouse facilities to house the individual elements of a project for you until notification of shipping instructions. In addition, we have a secured area with limited access for high profile items. Jigsaw has the flexibility and the initiative to customize programs just for you and your project.

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Jigsaw provides all levels of transportation from local cartage; motor freight; mail service; UPS brown, blue, red; 3-5 day deferred to overnight and second-day air transportation. We have negotiated competitive pricing with major carriers and pass that savings on to you. We have established relationships with account coordinators at each freight company. This coordination allows us to provide thorough documentation of shipments in a format customized around your needs.

We operate and maintain our own website which allows our customers immediate access to their inventory, order status, as well as proof of delivery of their shipments 24 hours a day.

We maintain an on-call list of employees, knowledgeable of our industry, who will work on special projects as the need arises; and who are known for their can-do attitudes.

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Jigsaw is set apart from others due to our focus on personalized service. We have the flexibility to customize procedures and implement them immediately to provide the varied services required for each individual project. We take time to communicate with our customers so we understand what is required to give the best possible service.

Our in-house customer service department will make sure any changes, priorities, special requirements, transit deadlines or packaging restrictions are handled providing you with a custom, quality product, they way you want it, when you want it, every time.

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JIGSAW is a Division of Sonntag Inc.